Black Dragon Scales Metal Dice Set (11 Dice Set)- Only Available in US

🐲 Metal Dice Set for DND: One set dice total 11 pcs including D4, 4 x D6, D8, D10, D12, 2 x D20 and D%
🐲 Huge Metal dnd dice from zinc, heavy and durable. The edge of each die softened to improve rolling and avoid damages to tables or other objects.
🐲 The dice are perfect for RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, d&d dice, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu dice and many other RPG and card games.
🐲 Perfect Gift: The dice are cool and you can gift it to your friends and family too. Let them enjoy the convenience of playing in style.
🐲 Fantasydice Makes Only Top-Quality Items We Are Confident in This Product and Know You Will Like it, Just in Case You Are Not Satisfied With The Product, You Can Return it For a 100% Refund of Your Money. Order Now and Start Playing in Style.

🐲 METAL DICE SET For Dnd And Tabletop Games Comes With A Fire Dragon Dice Metal Box
the Best Dungeons And Dragons Gift.
πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ FILL YOUR LIFE WITH MAGIC - With Fire Dragon Dice You Will Be An Epic Wizard A Scholar
🎲 THE DICE SET HAS 11 DICE (larger Amount Then Regular Set) Because In Dnd On Character Creation Usually You Roll 4d6 And Drop The Lowest.
the Dice Are Made From Sturdy Metal No Sharp Or Pointy Edges - Super High Quality
βš”οΈ METAL DICE SET FOR DND: One Set Dice Total 11 Pcs Including D4, 4 X D6, D8, D10, D12, 2 x D20 And D%
πŸ›‘οΈ HUGE METAL DND DICE FROM ZINC, HEAVY AND DURABLE. The Edge Of Each Die Softened To Improve Rolling And Avoid Damages To Tables Or Other Objects.
🐲 THE DICE ARE PERFECT FOR RPGS - Such As Dungeons And Dragons, D&d Dice, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Call Of Cthulhu Dice And Many Other Rpg And Card Games.
🎁 PERFECT GAMER GIFT: The Dice Are Cool And You Can Gift It To Your Friends And Family Too. Let Them Enjoy The Convenience Of Playing In Style.

πŸ‘ FANTASYDICE MAKES ONLY TOP-QUALITY ITEMS We Are Confident In This Product And Know You Will Like It, Just In Case You Are Not Satisfied With The Product, You Can Return It For A 100% Refund Of Your Money. Order Now And Start Playing In Style.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob B

These dice look and feel pretty sick. And its not a bad price considering you get 2 d20's and 4 d6's. Decent case, has tight slots for the dice with easy to grab slots , but I'll be putting them in a bag.


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