Fantasydice Logo Dice Bag with Side Pockets and Large Inner Pocket With Belt Attachment- Only Available in US

  • 🐲 DICE BAG WITH POCKETS: Large Fantasy Style Dice Bag with pockets and a Belt / backpack Attachment - Easy Transport for your Dice and an Epic Fantasy Experience for your Gameplay. The Dice Bag is Designed for All Tabletop Dice RPG Games and Board Games Such as- D&D(DND) 3.5, 5e and all Editions , Call Of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Warhammer, Vampire: The Masquerade, GURPS. If Your Gaming Experience is Important Get it
  • 🐉 Dice Hoarder's Dream -Fits More Than 250 dice 210 in the middle Pocket and 10 In each Side Pocket (The dice bag Looks Awesome even if you don't have so many dice). Vegan Friendly Leather- looks cool and keeps the animals safe.
  • 🐲 NO MORE SEARCHING- Side Pockets Allows You To Put Your Favorite Dice Set In Each Pocket There is always that special dice for that special occasion.
  • 🐉HEAVY DUTY USE-Padding and Strong Vegan Leather material for durability designed to hold your Metal dice- Your bag will not get ruined easily - The dice Bag is Handmade for quality gaming.
  • 🐲100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The dice tray is so cool and useful that you can gift it to your friends and family too. Let them enjoy the convenience of playing in style. We are confident of our product and know you will like it, just in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a 100% refund of your money. Order now and start playing in style.

Customer Reviews

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Just got my new dice bag in the mail today. It is PERFECT! High quality leather bag with smooth cloth lining including separate compartments for your dice sets. Thick leather drawstring with metal clasp. Now I just need to buy even more dice to justify having such a large bag. Currently holding 10 full sets of dice and doesn't seem even half full yet.

Mrs. Swan
Size is everything

I love this bag. I collect dice (like a lot of D&D players do I am sure), and I was very happy when I was able to put all 40 sets of my dice (280 dice total) into this one bag. I look forward to buying another one in the future.


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