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Large 8" (20 CM)/ 4.7" (12 CM) - High-Quality Dice Bag With 5 Inner Pockets And A Belt Attachment -portable And Easy Transport. You Can Open, Take And Roll A Dice Directly From The The Bag using The Belt Attachment( You Need To Practice A Bit- But It's Epic).

Dice storage -More Than 250 Dice ( After 280 i was out of dice and could still fit more but it will lose it's side pockets functionality).

It Looks Awesome- The Dice Bag Looks Like a Magical Coin pouch straight out of A Fantasy Book/Movie - Perfect for Cosplay.

Cool Artwork -The artwork was made by an amazing artist that wouldn't stop until reaching perfection.

Fun Gaming -Designed for Tabletop RPGs and Board Games- Gaming is our passion. We would love for you to enjoy this item as much as we do.

Comfortable Way to Carry Your Dice - This Design Took A Long Time To Perfect- This is The Best Dice Bag Design.

Handmade for quality gaming.

Fantasydice is Very Proud of This Product and We Hope You'll Enjoy It or Gift it to a Loved One.

Dice Bags

If you are an RPG gamer, you need a dice bag in your collection. Carrying your dice to your friend’s house for a few rounds of Dungeons & Dragons will be well worth the investment. Every RPG gamer needs loads and loads of dice. You need the extra dice to make your chances of winning that much higher.


Another reason for buying a good dice bag with separate compartments is that owning multiple sets of dice is important in DND for Damage Rolls and having a lot of dice will make you spend more time enjoying an epic game instead of re-rolling the same dice over and over and remember all the numbers you got - Get your rolls done much faster. This makes the game go on without a hitch, which as we all know, is super important for the enjoyment of Dungeons & Dragons.


You might experience bad dice sometimes, which would lead to bad results. That is why you should always bring extra sets with you so that you can move on to fresh dice. Hence, a fashionable, high-quality dice bag is a necessity for carrying your dice around when you go to friend’s houses and games.


The colors of the different dice are vast and beautiful. If you are a dice collector you should put your dice in the place they deserve an actual majestic dice bag and not just a velvet pouch.
When non RPG gamers hear the word “dice,” they are more often than not thinking about the plain, black and white dice seen in board games and casinos. The dice RPG gamers use are colorful, Handmade, Crystal Metal, and eccentric. They belong to a wide variety of games, including Dungeon & Dragons. For such beautiful dice, we recommend only the most beautiful dice bags.


We carry everything from Cthulhu dice bags, fantasy dice bags to leather, in all styles. With the holiday season fast approaching, these bags make a great gift for any RPG enthusiast and gamer. Every serious RPG gamer needs multiple, and since they come in different styles, it is a no brainer to purchase a few for when the dice collection expands.


Because these dice come in so many different styles and colors, dice collectors are becoming more and more common. If you participate in Dungeons & Dragons and other games, becoming a dice collector is essential to the future. Dice trading and buying is as common now as card trading and buying for games.


The dice bags make storing all your numerous dice incredibly easy. Also, since dice are so easy to lose, a dice bag will keep them all in one place so that you are ready to grab it and head out to your friend’s house or to the playing arena. Transporting your beautiful dice around is also much easier when you have a sleek, well made bag to carry them around in.


Fantasydice has all the bags and merchandise you could possibly need. Whether you are a longtime gamer or fresh to the world of RPG gaming, a dice bag is essential to your needs. Whether you prefer plenty of embroidering or a simple design, come by our online shop to see all of our options. There is something for everyone to enjoy.


They also make great gifts, especially for this upcoming holiday season!


If you happen to have any questions or queries about our product, do drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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