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Large 8" (20 CM)/ 4.7" (12 CM) - High-Quality Dice Bag With 5 Inner Pockets And A Belt Attachment -portable And Easy Transport. You Can Open, Take And Roll A Dice Directly From The The Bag using The Belt Attachment( You Need To Practice A Bit- But It's Epic).

Dice storage -More Than 250 Dice ( After 280 i was out of dice and could still fit more but it will lose it's side pockets functionality).

It Looks Awesome- The Dice Bag Looks Like a Magical Coin pouch straight out of A Fantasy Book/Movie - Perfect for Cosplay.

Cool Artwork -The artwork was made by an amazing artist that wouldn't stop until reaching perfection.

Fun Gaming -Designed for Tabletop RPGs and Board Games- Gaming is our passion. We would love for you to enjoy this item as much as we do.

Comfortable Way to Carry Your Dice - This Design Took A Long Time To Perfect- This is The Best Dice Bag Design.

Handmade for quality gaming.

Fantasydice is Very Proud of This Product and We Hope You'll Enjoy It or Gift it to a Loved One.


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