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Dice are one of the most important things in Tabletop RPG Games your dice require a Majestic place you can even say an arena balcony of honor at your table. Like enchant Rome Gladiator Arena.

A crazy dice roll has happened to all of us- You throw the dice and the dice hits everything in sight minis(miniatures of your characters or of monsters)  scattering all the game pieces and falling off the table to never get found or just finding the momentum and roll for a long distant and finding cover under your sofa, huge closet or underneath the cat perch- And the cat is sleeping and grumpy(true story have scratches to show) And of course when you finally found the dice it ended up as a natural 20 and your GM says it doesn’t count(sorry sir but in my opinion it does) .My solution is to say that’s it’s time to gear up- use your +3 Dice tray of order balance and luck Fantasydice gives you the best dice tray available.

Our dice trays are super durable easy to carry light and as always made from the best quality materials and with original art- the dice trays are Octagonal (means eight sides) in shape
And considered the best dice tray for DND, Dungeons and dragons ,Warhammer 40K, Call of Cthulhu and as  Shadowrun  Dice Tray and many more(don’t believe me- check for yourself).
The Dice Trays can be used as a personal Dice Tray or to be used for many group members.
In the Dice Trays with Lid and Staging area you can use it as storage for many of your favorite dice.  
The size and dimensions of the dice trays were carefully chosen for the best gaming experience.

Easy to roll on so you will get your critical roll every time because Fantasydice is all about the game of fantasy and dice.
Fantasy Dice- Dice Trays are the gift you were looking for an avid tabletop gamer